You need to be a logged in to write a complaint. help people deliver complaints (uck´s) to companies and organizations. Companies and organizations may answer complaints publicly on, there are two ways to do so.

Use the Pro UCK Customer Complaint Services
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1. The PRO UCK customer complaint services of
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on the customer complaint community and get access to the following features:
  1. Get a login and be able to answer complaints (uck´s) by desktop or smartphone.
  2. Get your logo on your company/organization page. (Some logos may be visible even if you have not claimed your company page)
  3. Automatic notification to the Ucker when you answer a complaint.
  4. The answer to the complaint publicly posted under the complaint and immediately visible on the uck-wall marked with a half heart. (pic of half heart symbol)
  5. With the potential for the Ucker to mark your half heart and make it a full heart (if they click on the half heart) (pic of Full heart symbol)
  6. Get statistics on you company/organization page regarding the percentage (%) of UCK´s answered and the average response time on each UCK
  7. Access to the administration tool where you may mark complaints (uck´s) as irrelevant, answered or with high priority.
  8. .. and other services that will be launched over time.

To get access to the PRO UCK customer complaint services pay online 1 USD per UCK.

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The free customer complaint service:
Companies and organizations may answer any uck (complaint) for free under comments, as any user. Just register to create an account and answer by clicking comments under the uck post.